Where is the Kal-Haven trail head in Kalamazoo?

The trail head parking lot is on the West side of North 10th Street between H and G Avenues.  Approximately 1.6 miles North of M-43.


Where is the finish line in South Haven?

The finish line is on the Northwest corner of the Trail parking lot.  The parking lot is on the East side of Bailey Ave – just North of the traffic circle where Bailey Ave and Wells Street intersect.


What is the surface of the Kal-Haven Trail?

The trail is surfaced with a crushed limestone.  This surface is very easy on the legs; but it has been my (Terry) experience when racing on this surface that my mile pace is at least 15 seconds slower per mile than on asphalt courses.

Will there be aid stations for this event?

At a minimum we will have aid stations at the team exchange points along the trail.  If we have enough volunteers there will be additional aid stations.  Please check Aid Station Summary   for current aid station information.  FYI, there are water pumps approximately every 4 miles along the trail.

Current aid station information:

Aid Station Summary

Where is race packet pickup?

Friday, 4/7/17 packet pickup is at Gazelle Sports (214 South Kalamazoo Mall Kalamazoo, MI) from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Runners may also pickup their shirts and race numbers at the Kal-Haven Trail on 10th Street (where the race starts) Saturday, 4/8/17

Solo runners between 6:00 AM and 6:45 AM

Teams between 6:30 AM and 7:50 AM

How do I know if I am registered for the event?

Click on the following link to verify:  RunSignUp Participants

Will you provide a refund if I/we register and are not able to run on this day?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide refunds for this event.  All registrations are final and non-transferable.

Is transportation available to take solo runners back to the Start?

Transportation from the finish in South Haven back to the start in Kalamazoo will be an additional $10 for solo runners.  Please plan to bring a bag (marked #3) with warm clothes that will be transported to the finish line.  We will do our best to provide transport back as soon as possible upon finishing but may not occur until after the last finisher crosses (3 pm).

Does the course close?

Yes, the course closes at 3 pm so solo runners need to complete the 33.5 miles in 8 hours and teams in 7  hours.  We have extended the time frame for the 2017 event, and early starts will no longer be an option.

Do all the team members have to be at the start line (10th street)?

No. New this year, we are using a Bib Belt system. Each team will receive 1 bib and 1 bib holder belt. This bib (the only one the team receives) will have the timing chip attached. The #1 Runner will have to be in possession of the Bib Belt containing your team bib, at the starting line. The Team Captain should pick up the Bib Belt and Team Bib at packet pickup (either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning) and convey it to Runner #1.

How are the runner relay exchanges accomplished?

Please see the above Q/A. The Bib Belt will be passed off to the next runner at each exchange point. The final runner, while wearing the Bib Belt must cross the finish line timing mat. We request that the Bib Belt to turned in at the finish line. You are welcome to keep the Bib.

What if we only have five runners?

One of the five runners will need to run a second leg.

How many female runners on a coed team?

A coed 3-4 person team must have a minimum of one female runner.  A 5-6 person team requires 2 female runners.

May our team split one or more of the relay legs so our runners have shorter distances to run?

No, each relay leg must be completed by one runner (exception, see injured runner).

What if one of our team members becomes injured during a relay leg?

Another team member may finish the relay leg of the injured runner; but the injured runner may not run another relay leg.

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