Congratulations to all of our 2016 Award Winners!

Solo Finisher Awards
Open, Masters, Grand Masters, and Senior Grand Masters award winners received the RRCA State Ultra Championship Award and the Rail Road Spike for their respective category.
All other age group award winners received the Rail Road spike award for their age group.  Awards are presented one level deep in each category.

Male Open Winner
Sam Skeels with a time of 3:45:42.9
Male Masters Winner
Derek Kanwischer with a time of 4:11:55.7
Male Grand Masters Winner
Peter Burrill with a time of 4:53:46.2
Male Senior Grand Masters Winner
Mark Sigfrids with a time of 5:15:26.1

Female Open Winner
Rosa Haag with a time of 5:00:06.8
Female Masters Winner
Loretta Tobolski-Horn with a time of 5:05:57.1
Female Grand Masters Winner
Lisa Schreiner with a time of 5:45:53.1 (new course record)                                                 Female Senior Grand Master   Kyle See with a time of 8:43:50.0

Please see Results page for all of the age group award winners and relay results:

2- Person Team Finisher Awards
The top male, female, and co-ed finishers received Railroad Spike awards.

2-Person Male Team Winner
Gazelle Sports: Louis Fallard/Evan Groendyk with a time of 3:31:16.6
2-Person Female Team Winner
KC Racers: Kristen Coonrod/Courtney Davis with a time of 5:24:42.7
2-Person co-ed Team Winner
Trail Blazers: Kara Keller/Brian Reynolds with a time of 4:36:50.3

3-6 Person Team Finisher Awards
The top male, female, and Co-Ed finishers received Railroad Spike awards.

3-6 Person Male Team Winners
SoHaXC with a time of 3:44:25.9
3-6 Person Female Team Winner
April ‘Fools’ with a time of 4:14:24.4                                                                                                    3-6 Person Co-Ed Team Winner
Six Pack To Go with a time of 4:02:21.2